Written, directed, shot and animated by Filip Sterckx
Actors: Pierre Schreuder, Birgit Sterckx and Otis Steeno
Additional voice acting by Caroline Cassiman and Sebastiaan Steeno


Cooking Lessons by Le Petit Chef - Spring Rolls
Le Petit Chef needed a haircut, in exchange he decided to give another cooking lesson, 'how to make Spring Rolls'. Don't forget to turn your sound on!
Written, directed, shot and animated by Filip Sterckx
Additional 3D modelling by Antoon Verbeeck
'Le Petit Chef' is a creation by Skullmapping


Cooking Lesson by Le Petit Chef - How to Flambé a Steak
Petit Chef had some time to put together a cooking lesson, in this lesson he teaches you how to flambé a steak!
Written, directed and animated by Filip Sterckx
'Le Petit Chef' is a creation by Skullmapping


Testshoot for my shortfilm in development 'Vuurman'
Written and directed by Filip Sterckx
DOP: Wim Vanswijgenhoven
Camera: Maarten Verminck
Production: Tijs Hoornaert + Filip Sterckx
Actor: Filip Sterckx
Music: Pieter Steeno
Sounddesign: Jeroen de Meyer
Perch: Bart de Melker
Art Direction: Kristof Vande Walle + Filip Sterckx
Editor: Filip Sterckx
Runner: Bart de Melker
Diver: Luc Linart
CG: Filip Sterckx
Color Grading: Filip Sterckx
Radio Voice: Freek De Smedt


My graduation film at Sint Lukas Brussels
Poetic film about an old man looking back on a life of great dedication and deep-seated doubt.
Directed and animated by Filip Sterckx
Text and Music : Pieter Steeno
Actor : Jos Sterckx
Voice : Frank Aendenboom
Technique : Combination of projection and stop-motion animation of clay
Selected for competition at :
- Zinebi, International Festival of Documentary and Short films (Bilbao)
- International Shortfilmfestival Leuven
- International Filmfestival Rotterdam (Prix UIP Nominee)
- Brussels International Festival for Fantastic Film
- Paris Tout-Court
- Anifest (Tsjechië)
- Animabasauri, International Animated Film Festival (Bilbao)
- Hamburg International Short Film Festival
- Amsterdam Shorts