'My Orca', a video-installation by Filip Sterckx.
I had myself 3D scanned, and used motion capture to realize my childhood dream.
Sounddesign: Jeroen De Meyer
3D-scanning: Mark Florquin
Voice actor: Andreas Verbeeck


Winner of the audience award of 'De Canvascollectie/La Collection RTBF 2012'.
'Peepshow' was first presented at the Ithaka arts festival.
Afterwards it was selected for 'Open M', and was presented during the summer of 2011 at Museum M, Leuven.
Sounddesign: Alec Ilyine
Actors: CĂ©dric Haers, Mariana Loperfido, Filip Sterckx
Thanks to: Antoon Verbeeck, Aitor Biedma, Pieter Jan Boghe, Adriaan van den Bogaert, Familie Haers


'Onbeschreven' is an audiovisual installation first presented during the Ithaka arts festival.


'Vesalius Revisited' was first presented during 'Open Monumentendag', in the anatomical theater in Leuven.
The installation was shown again during 'De Kunstroute' and at 'TEDx Maastricht'
Architectural structure : Tom Lagast
Organisation : Sacred Places
Thanks to : Ann Dieltjens and Antoon Verbeeck


An audiovisual performance/installation during The Body Navigation Festival, St. Petersburg 2008. Made by 7 artists from 6 different countries in the intimate setting of an apartment/gallery(Kryaznaya Gallery) in the centre of St. Petersburg on 12/13 july 2008. Made and performed by: Charlotte Ruth, Johannes Burström, Tobias Leira, Filip Sterckx, Ambra Pittoni, Alexandr Andriyashkin, Arnold Hoogerwerf.
Fundings: Cimatics A/V Platform, Norden, Nordic culture point, Kulturradet, European Cultural Foundation, Step Beyond, Transit Sweden, Dance Hotel Russia, Tseh Russia.


Interactive 'one man cinema' first presented at Sint Lukas Brussels in 2006.
The spectator enters alone in a darkened room and takes place in a high black box. A camera secretly takes a picture, The lights go out and the projection starts running. Meanwhile the picture of the spectator is processed into the video. The spectator discovers at the end that he/she is the subject of the video.